Here's some pictures of Cheryl

Cheryl as a kid with her cousin Frank

With_Jo_Terri.jpg (17601 bytes)
On the left with friends Jo and Terri

This is a picture I took on the first day we met.

We were both on holidays at Coolangatta, Queensland.

First_date.jpg (19175 bytes)
And on our first date in Coolangatta

At her nursing graduation.

Our engagement. (We BOTH had great hair then!)

With Jody, our first kid.

With_Dawn.jpg (15316 bytes)
With Cheryl's mother Dawn, Jody and Sarah

That same kid as two pictures above,

some 17 years later
(at Jody's 18th and Cheryl's 40th)

cheryl_nick_jill.jpg (12581 bytes)
Cheryl with Nick and Jill - Jan 2001

Cheryl and Zoe
Cheryl new grandchild Zoe Nov 2009

Cheryl and Zoe
Cheryl - Winner of Western Australia
Retirement Village Manager of the Year 2012

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