Some of my pages:
  • Find me! Some information about my location map showing my last check-in messages.
  • I worked at Newcrest's Telfer Gold Mine for 4 1/2 years and am back for another 12 months - flyin / flyout.  Here's some random Telfer pictures.
  • Here's a story about my trip to WA's Stirling Ranges in May 2002 (and revisited in Nov 2010)
  • Some tips for new bushwalkers.
  • Rebuilding a Trip 35 camera.
  • Some places I've been lucky enough to visit on business trips.
  • In 1996, my Dad had a quad bypass heart operation and due to complications we almost lost him. This story is his recollection of some of these events.

And here's a little about me:

Pretty much fully retired now.  Been back at Telfer for short term assignments as Senior Electrical Engineer during 2017 & 2018.
Did a small assignment for St Barbara Gold at Gwalia minesite.
Contact Details
Mobile : 0429 863 906
E-Mail :

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) NSWIT (Majors in Digital Systems)
Trade Certificate - Scientific Instrument Making

Previous "Lives"
Honeywell Ltd (Project Engineer), Alcoa of Australia (Electrical Engineer), Mt Newman Mining Co. (Control Systems Engineer), Minenco Engineers (Control Systems Engineer), McDonnell Douglas Information Systems (State Manager), Vector International (Project Manager / Technical Manager), Ripple Systems (Technical Manager), St Ives Group (IT Manager), Calibre Controls (Senior Consulting Engineer), Memo Communications (Engineering Manager).  Also some consulting for SVT Consultants (Project Management). Newcrest Mining Telfer Gold Mine (random Telfer pictures(Senior Electrical Engineer), BHPB Technical Lead Wireless Telemetry System project.

Industrial Experience
Electrical systems including switchboards, HV distribution, LV, power generation systems, Business computer systems, Traffic Management Systems, Smartcard and Ticketing Systems, Alumina, Steel, Mining, Mineral Processing, Materials Handling, Gold, SCADA, Power Generation, Glass, Water Treatment, MRP systems, Two Way radio, Wireless IP datalinks and point to multipoint, Mesh, Microwave

Hobbies, Interests
Bushwalking , Walking, Camping, Web Surfing, Model Rockets, Photography

Trance (like listening to, difm), Fear Factory (Obsolete and Remanufacture) and still PIL. Also listening to Vast, Shihad, Drowning Pool and others.


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