We flew over the Christchurch and stayed with Cheryl's mum - Dawn.  Cheryl's sister (Jackie) and brother (Brett) also live in Christchurch.   Here's somefamily pictures

The family in Christchurch

The family in Christchurch

Dawn with the grandkids

Dawn with the gradkids and the dog -"Washington"

Of course we had a look around the town of Christchurch itself.  The Botanicgardens are excellent and we spent a good number of hours exploring there.

The botanic garden in Christchurch
The roses were all in bloom

A unusual sculpture
Jody thought this sculpture was "interesting"

Whilst in New Zealand, we borrowed Brett's car and drove down the South Island toQueenstown via Greymouth on the west coast.

Bikes in Greymouth

Bikes in Greymouth

In Greymouth we had a great time on adirt trike track.  The girls when in an amphibous vehicle, while Dad and Michael tookthe trikes.  The tracks was very very rough and crossed a few creeks - so we reallyneeded the wet weather gear

Greymouth fisherman
Greymouth is a fishing port - here's a fisherman

Queenstown jetboat
In Queenstown, we had a ride on the rapids Jetboat (madeus all sick!)

Queenstown lookout

Queenstown lookout

And spent some time at the lookoutafter riding up the cablecar

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