In Sydney, we visited my parents (Peter and Teresa) and my sister and her family. Peter and Teresa's 50th wedding anniversary was in September 2000, but the whole family including the grandkids couldn't get over.   So it was decided we should all get together in January 2001.  So my brother (Chris) and his family came up from Tasmania and we had a whole family get together.

Since sleeping space was obviously going to be limited, we stayed in a farm cabin near my parents place.  The farm had Alpacas and horses.

The cabin we stayed at in Sydney
The cabin at the Alpaca farm

Here's a picture of the whole Smith "clan" taken at Windsor, NSW.

The family get together in Windsor
From left to right - Teresa, Nick, Jill, Peter, Cheryl, Jody (at front),
Katrina, Chris, Jenny, Kaitlin, Greg, Teresa, Michael, Sarah and Cameron

We also had some more formal family photos taken.  Here's some of the them:

Formal family picture
The whole family

The "original" Smiths
The "original" Smiths

The grandkids
The grandkids

We spent a day in Sydney city doing the "tourist thing".  Here's some pictures.

On the Navy boat at Darling Harbour
On a Navy boat in Darling Harbour

In the Submarine in Darling Hrabour
And inside the submarine

On the Sydney Harbour Bridge
And of course - on the Sydney Harbour Bridge

We managed to catch up with some old friends:

Friends with all the kids
This is most of the old "bunch" who used to hang out -
now with many kids much older than when we
started having get togethers

The girls that started it all
And the girls that started (in other words are to blame) for everything
Cheryl, Sue, Terri and Jo

The family with Peter and his kids
With my old friend Peter and his two young ones

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