Trip 2005 - Vic, Tas, SA

Brown Brothers, Bright, GreatAlpine Rd - Victoria
After leaving Sydney we headed for Victoria (via Goulburn). One of Cheryl's
long held ambitions has been to visit the Brown Brothers winery. We achieved
that, then looked around Bright and then drove over the Victorian Alps
to the coast then onto Mornington.

At the Brown Bothers Winery

Tasting some exclusive cellar door wines at Brown Brothers

Our cabin at Bright

On the Great Alpine Road

Mornington -Victoria
At Mornington we stayed with Aunt Gloria and caught up with the
cousins, nieces and nephews.  We also did a few tourist trips around
the peninsula.

A historic house at Mornington

The house gardens

Stahan, Queenstown, Hobart - Tasmania
From Mornigton we drove to Melbourne and caught the Spirit of Tasmania
ferry (takes the car as well).  Once at Devonport in Tasmania we drove to Strahan
on the west coast and then through Queenstown to Hobart.  In Hobart we stayed
with Jill and Chris - they gave us a great look around.

The ferry leaving Melbourne at 9pm

The small town of Queenstown in Tasmania

The view from Jill and Chris's house

Checking out the markets in Hobart

The shot tower (where lead shot used to be made)

Climbing to the top of the tower

At the top of Mt Wellington - overlooking Hobart

With Jill at Mt Wellington

Port Arthur -Tasmania
No trip to Tasmania is complete without a visit to the ruins at Port
Arthur.  We looked around during the day and also did a"spooky"
night guided tour.

The old goal at Port Arthur

The old church ruin

Memorial pond at Port Arthur

Inside the old cafe (scene of the shootings in 1996)

The night time ghost tour

Inside the surgeon's workshop

Freycinet NP,Bicheno, Cradle Mountain - Tasmania
After Port Arthur we tracked up the East Coast visiting Freycinet National
Park (staying at Bicheno), and then travelled north to Low Head where we
stayed at the old Pilot Station (over 100 years old site) and saw the fairy
penguins come ashore at night.

A view of Freycinet National Park

The blowhole at Bicheno

The old Pilot Station at Low Head

Penguins marching at night through our legs

The one of the right is more stuffed than the other

Cradle Mountain- Tasmania
We travelled up the mountains to Cradle Mountain and spent a couple of
days looking around and dpoing some short walks.  It was cold and rainy
But the environment is beautiful.

Fog on the road to Cradle Mountain

On a walk at Cradle Mountain

Cheryl on the shores of the lake with Cradle Mountain thebackground

Part of a walk in the National Park

Our cabin at Cradle Mountain

Wallaby and Joey visiting our cabin

A possum visitor as well

Great Ocean Rd -Victoria
After Cradle Mountina it was time to catch the ferry back to the mainland.
We travelled down Victoria's Great Ocean Road on our way to South Australia.

The ferry leaving Devonport, Tasmania

Start of the Great Ocean Road

A view on the road

The Apostles on the Great Ocean Road

Clare Valley -South Australia
We had a couple of good days in the Clare Valley region of South Australia.
The region has a lot of history and a good few wineries.  We did a half
day organised tour done by one of the locals.

A cellar at a winery run by Jesuit priests

The Jesuits priests are buried in a crypt under their church

Historic Martindale Hall in the Clare Valley

Cheryl at Martindale with our guide

Back to WA
From Clare Valley we pretty much high tailed it back home - stopping
at Port Augusta and Ceduna in South Australia, then on the Nullabor
in Western Australia.

The jetty at Ceduna

The SA / WA border

The Great Australian Bight a the edge of the Nullabor Plain

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