Trip 2005 : WA and NT

Leaving Perth on August 10

Kalbarri - Western Australia
Kalbarri is a nice quiet spot about 600km drive north of Perth.
Staying a few days enabled us to get into the holiday "swing".  
The Kalbarri National Park with it's uniquely weathered rock
formations and gorges
is a local attraction.

Where we stayed in Kalbarri - a cabin

Day trip on a boat on the Murchinson River in Kalbarri

Kalbarri National Park - Nature's Window

Nature's Window again

Another view of Kalbarri National Park

Monkey Mia - Western Australia
No trip up the north coast of WA would be complete without
checking out the dolphins at Monkey Mia.  The only thing at Monkey
Mia is the resort.  Denham is about 20 mins drive away.  We stayed
in the most budget accomodation available.  The dolphins are feed
in the morning.

Denham harbour

Cabin at Monkey Mia (cheapest)

The beach at Monkey Mia - with guest!

Waiting for the dolphins

Still waiting!

Here the are!

Feeding the dolphins.

Carnavon - Western Australia
Small town, impressive jetty and history.  Did a very terrific
 $5 tour of a local Banana Plantation (best value tour ever -
the owner was very funny).

Carnavon Jetty

Banana plantation tour

Carnavon Banana Plantation

Coral Bay - Western Australia
We were heading for Exmouth, but liked the look of
Coral Bay so we stayed a couple of nights.  The first day
was beautiful and warm - then it started raining and a
storm came through. 

Tenting at Coral Bay

At the beach!

Exmouth - Western Australia
Exmouth is a lovely but isolated town just short of the North
West Cape.  Originally established to support the defense
installations, it's main attraction is Cape Range National
Park.  Acting on advice from fellow travellers we signed
up for Niel McLeod's one day adventure tour - terrific!

Visiting Gorge Country

Valley view in Cape Range NP

Tackling a 4WD Track in the Park

Yardie Creek - a flooded gorge

Great views and wildlife in Yardie Creek

My hat rescued from the water by fellow tour guests

The big prawn

The all day tour finishes with a magnificent sunset

Another magificent sunset at the Exmouth lighthouse

Port Headland, Western Australia
Having lived for a few months in Port Hedland back in the eighties,
we were keen to see if the place had changed much - answer:
not much.  But we caught up with some of Jody's friends who
are teaching in the local high school.

Port Headland main port (iron ore)

At the pub with Jody's friends

Broome - Western Australia
Often described as the jewel of North West Australia, Broome is
quite a bit bigger now than when we visited some twenty years
ago.  Naturally, Cable Beach is the jewel of the jewel -
especially at sunset.

Our large on-site van at Broome

Approaching sunset

Cheryl watching the sunset

Sunset with boats

The true magic of a Cable Beach sunset

We did a day trip from Broome up the Dampier Penisula to see a famous
church built by the aboriginals and missionaries

Church at Beagle Bay (Dampier Peninsula

Inside the church with the mother of pearl shell alter

The road on the Dampier Peninsula

Derby - Western Australia
Cheryl twisted her ankle in Broome so we couldn't travel far the
next leg - only to Derby.  The Boab trees are all around.

A typical Boab tree

Sunset at Derby Harbour

The biggest Boab tree found so far

Helicopter Flight over Bungle Bungle Ranges - Western Australia
We took a helipcopter flight over the Bungle Bungle ranges from
Turkey Creek (north of Halls Creek) - very spectacular.  Next
time we'll drive in as well.

The helicopter we went in (no doors!)

Inside the helipcopter

View of the Bungle Bungle campsite

Looking down inside a gorge

Another view of the Bungle Bungle "beehive" formations

Kununurra - Western Australia
Came in via an overnight at Halls Creek. Kununurra had changed
quite a bit since my travels there on business in the late eighties.
Had a fantastic tour of Lake Argyle followed by a boat trip
down the Ord River back to town.

Our cabin at Kununurra (fantastic)

On Lake Argyle

Lake Arygle Dam

Going down the Ord River on the boat

The speed of the boat (3 x 200hp Hondas)

A freshwater crocodile spotted on the river

Magificent views on the Ord River

Katherine, Darwin - Northern Territory
Once inside NT we stopped at Katherine (great natural springs which
we soaked in for a few hours) then onto Darwin for a look
around and a couple of nights of luxury accommodation.

Crossing the WA-NT Border

Cabin in the lush Katherine region

The Adelaide River hotel has the actual water buffalo
seen in the Crocodile Dundee films (not stuffed)

Our hotel in Darwin

Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks - Northern Territory
While Cheryl returned to Perth for a few days, I took a three
day 4WD adventure tour of Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks.

The tour group at Kakadu entrance

Gorge country in Kakadu

Birdlife in the billabongs

Tent accommodation on the tour

Crocodile country!

Lunch break during the trip

Aboriginal rock art

Swimming pools in Litchfield NP

Florence Falls in Litchfield NP

Daly Waters, Alice Springs, Ayers Rock (Uluru) - Northen Territory
Alice Springs is a nice sized rown with lots to see.  Ayers Rock is
really worth seeing - more impressive than we expected.

No trip to NT is complete without having a beer
at the famous Daly Waters pub

Inside the unique pub

Alice Springs from the lookout

Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock at Sunset

Walking round the base of Ayers Rock

Wycliffe Well, Devil's Marbles - Northern Territory
Both on the road to Tennant Creek, Wycliffe Well is a unique
roadhouse for it's UFO "sightings".  Devil's Marbles are well
worth a look.

Sign at Wycliffe Well (on the road between Alice Springs & Tennant Creek)

Aliens at Wycliffe Well

Another strange alien!

Devil's Marbles

Vandals pushing a marble over!

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